You've uncovered Pandora's bot - the online home of spanking model and submissive girl Pandora Blake.

Personal submission, professional suffering

On this site you can look at free corporal punishment photos from some well known websites, and read about my experiences working as a model and actress in spanking photostories and films (I'm afraid I'm not available for private or 1-2-1 sessions). You can also find some of the non-spanking images I've modelled for, particularly those that explore fetish scenarios - and aspects of my own kink.

That's what's at the heart of this website - my kink. My perversion, my passion, my dreams and desires. I'm a professional spanking model, and I love the performance thrill of being punished on camera. To me, it's as exhilirating as appearing on stage is to a singer or theatrical actor. But my interest in spanking goes far beyond the professional. Deep down, I'm a pervert and proud.

I love going over someone's knee with my bottom bared for a firm spanking. I love bending over for the kiss of the cane, at once dreading it and trembling with excited anticipation. I like school scenarios and other historical roleplays, particularly those set in English institutions such as reformatories, finishing schools or the military. The non-consent and helplessness implicit in such contexts is amazingly erotic for me - the idea that every girl being mistreated by the cruel system is identically helpless.

Conversely, I also love sexual BDSM play with my romantic partners, submitting to being bound and whipped by them - and to anything else they want to do to me. Their desire for my helpless body is as empowering as my complete trust in them, which allows me to surrender control and responsibility entirely, to experience the heady freedom of submission.

Since I started exploring and thinking about my kinks I've become aware of the vast complexity of human sexualities, the myriad ways that playing with power and pain can be erotic. I count myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to explore the mysteries of my own sexuality in the way that I have. I'm proud to have a part in creating images and films that might help other kinky people explore their own mysteries.

If you like spanking as much as I do, I really hope you enjoy the photos and writing on this website. Please do write to me if you want to comment on anything or just say hello - I love getting mail. And whatever your fetish is, I wish you the best of luck on your own journey of discovery :)